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Communication tools

Barrisol, always at your disposal!

Because good communication is essential, our communication department is continuously updating our communication tools to provide our dealers with the most current product information and promotional materials.

The materials are available in many languages.

See the documentation

Direct Communication Aids

Consumer Publishing for widespread distribution:
General Barrisol Information (4 pages)
Hotels, Restaurants, Individuals, Pools, Places of Worship, Barricolors, Perforated Barricolors

Directions : Documentation to be submitted as part of your marketing efforts.

Technical documentation
The Technical documentation is for limited distribution:
Track Section Brochure, Photo Book, Architect Brochure, Flip Chart

Directions : Documentation to be used within the framework of your decision makers or main businessmen.

Barrisol Components, Barridalles 600x600, Barridalles 600x1200, Barrimarmotte 500x500, Bag Samples, Barrisol Trempo 600x600 Frame, Hatch.

Directions : Supports all technical publications.

Samples of sheets
Color Samples, A4 Sample Set, A5 Sample Set, Track Samples

Directions : Supports all technical publications.

The POS Direct Action advertising
Advertising at point of sale TOTEM PLV and PLV

Directions : Permanent display at your retail space

Exhibition stands
Tradeshow displays

Sales  development tools

Consult us for the standard mailings, according to the target and the volume.

Promotion tools

18” x 24” photo posters

Photo stock
Photography library on DVD ROM with more than 5000 photographs at your disposal and a video DVD

4 Page Newsletter full of Barrisol information

Vehicle equipment
Track carrier tube, vehicle decals, personalized interior arrangement

Computer bag, ties, calendars, umbrellas, lighters, pens, caps, and t-shirts.

Software and services

Barrilog : To trace the plans

Optifab : Optifab is software created to calculate the price of a ceiling according to various criteria (centered welding, calpinage, welding out plan, etc). It is possible for the same sheet to make various simulations.
Consult us for more information

The research department :
Our research department deals with the design of prototypes and models. It assists you with estimate and advises you on the installation techniques.