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All  types of spaces can be equipped with a Barrisol stretched ceiling. Here are some of the most common cases:

Cornices and beams

Integrated cornice

Composed of a Barrisol Tradition track and cornice is made out of samba wood and can be painted or varnished.

Existing cornices

The Barrisol Star ceiling fits the height allowed by the shape of the cornice for its installation.

Cornice with lighting

Lighting cornice, placed at 8” from the wall, diffuses its light on the matt or satin ceiling.

Barrisol Star ceiling stretched between beams

Barrisol Star Tracks are fixed to the existing ceiling. The ceiling is then stretched beam to beam.

Incorporation of pipes, pillars, columns

Barrisol pipe incorporation system:

BARRISOL Tradition and BARRISOL Star are resistant, attractive and a create a remarkable finished ceiling.
For water pipes, electricity, heating, etc.

With less than 1.25” of wall

The stretch ceiling, reinforced with a durable translucent plate, circumvents the pipes. The device does not appear after installation.

Up to 1.25” of wall

The stretch ceiling, reinforced by a translucent plate is engaged in a smooth BARRISOL Tradition.

Curved and notched tracks for pillars and beams

Diameter greater than 11” for BARRISOL Tradition and BARRISOL Star

Barrisol Star pre-notched for an exact adaptation to the circumference of the pillars. Beyond 11”, the beams will be sprung.

Diameter less than 11” for BARRISOL Tradition and BARRISOL Star

Barrisol Tradition Tracks are made out of PVC and are curved in factory to the measurements of the pillars and columns. They are connected to the tracks by an aluminum sleeve.


Many decorative possibilities may be considered by the installation of a BARRISOL Star ceiling in another BARRISOL Star ceiling.

Barrisol tracks for embedding

Barrisol Star tracks for embedding of the duo Barrisol Star.

Sky-lights, roof windows, rolling shutters, inspection panels are embedded in the Barrisol Tradition and Barrisol Star ceilings.

All technical equipment can be incorporated:


Smoke detector


Surveillance camera




Sprinkler integrated in separation track


Sprinkler integrated in the stretched ceiling


Safety light