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Barrisol Acoustic - Details

Absorption principle

Barrisol Acoustics® ceilings can be used in conjunction with Barrisol Tradition or Barrisol Star system, but for better results, Barrisol Acoustics can be used in association with an acoustic absorbent.

Explication de l'absorption du son 1 - Initial Sound

2 - Transformation of the sound into thermal energy

3 - Barrisol Acoustics®

4 - Reduced sound

Acoustic absorption reduces the intensity of the sound waves as they reflect within a room. The wave that radiates from the sound source is partially absorbed by the BARRISOL sheet thereby reducing reverberation.

This is quite different from acoustic isolation relating to the transmission of noise from one space to another. The BARRISOL sheet lets a portion of the sound energy pass through. As the sound waves continue to reverberate around the room, energy loss continues and the sound in the space is reduced.

The technology built into BARRISOL ACOUSTICS® sheeting allows it to obtain tremendous acoustic results.

Range of products

BARRISOL ACOUSTICS® technology can be integrated into public spaces such as museums, airports, churches, restaurants or music venues. Any space where occupant comfort is important is an ideal application for BARRISOL.

To obtain the level of absorption desired within various environments, Barrisol has designed 4 types of sheets:

For specific use, Barrisol Acoustics proposes other perforated acoustic sheets :

P10 Mediperf®
P20 Mezzoperf®
P60 Maxiperf®

Although the perforations of these sheets are larger than the micro-perforated sheets of the ACOUSTICS® line, they still have excellent acoustical properties. Their acoustical properties, along with their unique appearance, significantly increase the number of possible applications for these sheets.

When used in conjunction with a sound insulator placed behind the sheeting, BARRISOL's micro-perforated sheets provide superior acoustics and help ensure an aesthetic and functional result.
All the Acoustics® sheets are available in 230 colors and 15 finishes (Lacquer, Satin, Matte, Brushed Suede, Metallic, Translucent and Recycled).


Download the 'Acoustics' documentation (PDF)

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