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We invite you to watch a short video presentation on BARRISOL NORMALU.

Length : 7:02 min

Experience of a leader

Normalu manufactured the first stretch ceiling in 1969 and in 1975 Barrisol brand was created. Today, the entire collection of Barrisol is comprised of over 20 unique stretch ceiling systems.

The Barrisol Universe offers a complete line of products for design professionals including architects, decorators & interior designers as well as for end user.  Each Barrisol sheet comes with Normalu Barrisol's pledge and guarantee of durability and quality.

Roma Colosseum (Italy), Mulhouse Foundry (France), Baltimore airport (USA) or Federation Square (Australia).

Strength of innovation

For Barrisol, utilizing technology to constantly improve its products and processes has allowed it to stay far ahead of the competition. Since the creation of the company more than 80 patents have been awarded to Normalu Barrisol.

By helping to establish new industry standards and procedures, Barrisol Normalu continues to reinforce its position as the worldwide leader in the stretch ceiling industry.

Design & Interior decorating

Ceilings and walls are as important in helping to set the tone for a space as the layout of the space itself. The potential for ceilings or walls to serve as integral design elements is too often underestimated.

Barrisol offers a diverse palette of more than 130 unique colors.  Choose a texture, finish, printed image, translucent element and your Barrisol ceiling can provide you with almost any look or feel you desire.

A team approach to innovation

At Barrisol Normalu, creativity is not the work of only one person. The innovative solutions of the Barrisol Normalu SAS group are the result of a collaborative approach. This collaboration allows our R&D technicians to come up with product innovations and applications that constantly keep Barrisol Normalu at the forefront of the industry.

We are never very far away   

The Barrisol network contains 1,500 partners on 5 continents, in more than 145 countries. Our international experience and local presence help to ensure a quality application for your project.

BARRISOL® Factory :

Extérieur de l'usine de fabrication de plafond - Barrisol Normalu à Kembs

Aerial View :

Vue aérienne de l'usine de fabrication de plafond - Barrisol Normalu à Kembs