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barrisol news 2015

Mai 2015Barrisol Showroom Opening

This 250 sqm privileged space is entirely dedicated to the Barrisol® Universe. In a very Deco and design spirit, the world leader in stretched ceilings came to present their latest innovations.

For the opening, on April 28 2015, Barrisol® organized an evening-event with the exceptional participation of André Manoukian who gave a private concert with singer Léna Chamamyan, in a place with perfect acoustics thanks to Barrisol® and Artolis® systems and sheets.

Barrisol® has a privileged relationship with the artist, who is also a songwriter, jazz lover and talent-spotter. André Manoukian wanted to create a place where artists could meet and compose music, at the very heart of Chamonix. He created the «Maison des Artistes» (House of Artists) in mountaineer Maurice Herzog's former residence.

The encounter between André Manoukian and Barrisol® occurred quite naturally as the musician, author and composer was looking for efficient acoustic and design solutions for his project.



Mai 2015Focus on Barrisol at the EUROLUCE Showroom

Thousands of visitors from all over the world rushed to Milan to attend Euroluce 2015, the international and leading lighting exhibition, a landmark event in design and creativity.

A great opportunity for Barrisol in a splendid white and gold stand, a creation by renowned designer Ross Lovegrove. An artistic UFO that aroused the visitors' interest and focused many a photographer, whether profesionnal or amateur. 

Our craftsmanship and products, including the exclusive lamps created by two world-famous designers:  Ross Lovegrove et Piero Castiglionimade made a great impression on visitors who will undoubtedly take many unforgettable memories with them.

Yet another success for Barrisol who was in the spotlight and made the best of this unique encounter that will probably spearhead future collaborations.

Avril 2015Design Award for the Barrisol Lamps


We are proud to announce a new exceptional award for our culpted lamps!

On March 4th, 2015 Barrisol® received in the presence of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, the Belgian Building Award for the Best Design (Best Design Award) for its unique carved lamps, designed by the renowned designer Ross Lovegrove. The jury particularly appreciated the perfect balance between the organic form of the luminous object, the technique for improving the acoustic in the rooms and integration of LED lighting in the tubular frame.

Intrepid - Festival lumière 2014 http://fr.barrisol.com/emailing/20150317/img/ross-manta.jpg

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