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Januar 2014Maison & Objet Editeurs

Présence de BARRISOL® sur le salon MAISON & OBJET PARIS The ‘Editions Barrisol©’ will be presented at the event “Maison & Objet Editeurs” which will take place in Paris Villepinte from the 24th-28th of January 2014.

You will be able to visit us in Hall 7, path C ; stand 163.

December 2013Barrisol® on the front cover of the “elle déco” circulation 2.7 million

Barrisol® en une de elle déco Barrisol and its «Editions Barrisol®» range ended the year with a spectacular media coup, namely an 8 page splash in the «Elle Deco» homes magazine. The editors were so impressed with the beauty and quality of the printed Barrisol® panels, that they decided to put one of the «paintings» on the very much sought-after «Elle Deco» front cover.

November 2013BARRISOL Gold medal !

Logo deertification Origine France Garantie pour BARRISOL NORMALU One of the highest honors has been awarded to one of Barrisols products – ‘3D frames and tubes’ in the interior and exterior design category. This year Barrisol has again been noticed by the quality of its development and its innovations.
To learn more, please visit the page FORM BOXES AND TUBES 3D®.

November 2013BARRISOL© to BATIMAT

Logo BATIMAT Barrisol© is pleased to show you the ‘seven news and innovations’ at the Batimat event which now takes place at Paris Nord Villepinte from the 4th to the 8th of November 2013. Please visit us Hall 5B, path M, Stand 14.

Novembre 2013Barrisol ceilings are labeled A+

BARRISOL et Ross Lovegrove Barrisol© ceilings are labeled A+ (highest rating) in accordance with the legislation on the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the quality of indoor air level.

Novembre 2013BARRISOL, Le Nôtre et le roi soleil

Versailles One of our prints, taken from the work ‘Space, time, architecture’ from Sigfried Giedion is a graphic translation of the thesis to which modern urbanism takes its origin. In this famous piece of work, you can see an American Highway is layered on an engraved view of the Versaille Gardens. From the partnership of the “Musée de L’Impression sur Etoffes” and the “Réunion des Musées Nationaux” a great reference of collaboration is created in the art, culture and historical world. If you would like to learn more about this please go on the ‘Château de Versailles’ web site.

learn more about this please go on the ‘Château de Versailles’ web site

October 2013BARRISOL congratulate

Logo nomine Batimat We can congratulate ourselves for the 2 nominations that we received at the Innovation Batimat 2013 contest regarding the following products:
- 3D frames and tubes®
- Dallerenov®.

October 2013Tous Ensemble sur TF1

Barrisol partenaire de Tous Ensemble We would also like to announce that we will continue our partnership with the TV program “TOUS ENSEMBLE” until December. As we share the same solidarity values we thought this would be respectable. This is on every Saturday at 17:50pm on TF1.

We are proud to help others out that need support or action towards certain projects; this helps people appreciate their projects. Do not hesitate to pass on this information!

watch video

September 2013BARRISOL et Ross Lovegrove

BARRISOL et Ross Lovegrove Internationally renowned Ross Lovegrove is an iconic figure in the design world. He draws his inspiration from nature and he transcribes it in its creations with highly technological and innovative processes.

Revealed last April at the “triennale de l’automobile de Milan”, the Renault Twin’Z concept was represented at the London design event in September 2013. It was only the second appearance of Barrisol with the city-made electrical car. Barrisol reaffirms its position of No. 1 in the design world giving body to the universe imagined by the designer. A challenge that has been successful for both of us.

Ross Lovegrove found with Barrisol© unique answers to his limitless inspiration. Constantly defying the limits assigned to the design, he was able to find a multi-senses and organic transcription of his work thanks to the 3D shapes by Barrisol solution and the technical of our sheets.
Revealed in past April in the occasion of the “triennale de l’automobile de Milan”, the Renault Twin’Z concept has been represented during the Sept. 2013 London design event. It was the second appearance of Barrisol© with the city-made electrical car. Barrisol© reaffirmed its position of No. 1 present in the design world by giving a corpse to the universe imagined by the designer. A challenge that has been successful for both of us.

August 2013New MIRROR© colors

Logo deertification Origine France Garantie pour BARRISOL NORMALU Barrisol© The Barrisol Mirror range has widened and now offers you more than just Gold and Silver finishes. The 3 new materials are copper, tin and black mirror.

August 2013Editions BARRISOL© : MISE

Les Editions BARRISOL® présentent les collections du Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes de Mulhouse Please take a look at the collections that the museum of printed textiles of Mulhouse has to offer on the presentation attached.
Please check the presentation documentation of the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes de Mulhouse collections.

Download the PDF brochure (6MB)

July 2013Tour d'Alsace :

Sylvio Silvio Herklotz who is a German cyclist, has been keeping his yellow jersey during the last stage and won the 10th edition of the “Tour d’Alsace”. On his jersey Barrisol Normalu were represented as we are a partner of the” Tour d’Alsace” 2013.

June 2013 Effets Matière®, Reflets Laqués®

We aim to keep our customer’s satisfaction high so we like to introduce you with new colours and products. We added two new colours this summer which are: Violet Laelia and ®, and Bambou White®.

ref BEM 14
Effet Matière® Bambou White®


ref 02069
Reflet Laqué® Violet Laelia®

March 2013 New exceptional projects

Discover 3 new exceptional projects :

National museum of China

The national museum of China is one of the biggest museums in the world (65 000 sqm). It covers all the history of China from prehistory (1,7 millions years ago) to the end of the Qing dynasty. See this project
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - Netherlands

The museum of modern and contemporary art of Amsterdam houses a collection of more than 90 000 artworks of the 20 and 21st century. See this project
Erasmus medical centre - Netherlands

Belonging to the hospital and the University of Medicine of Rotterdam, the Erasmus medical centre is an internationally recognized centre of excellence. See this project

March 2013 Barrisol Smartphone app : Android version

Voir la carte de voeux 2012After its availability on iPhone, the first stretch ceiling Barrisol application is now available also on Android. Discover within one click a series of photos, 360° tours, videos of our realisations.. at private homes or in prestigious places.
To install the app go to Google play and search for « Barrisol ».

Also our second application, the Barrisol color simulator, is yet available on iPhone/iPad.

February 2013 The new brochure Barrisol® Mirror !

Exclusive application of the Barrisol® R&D, the new Barrisol® Mirror range complete the world of Barrisol®products and finishes... Discover without further delay the first two finishes : Gold and Silver!

Download the Barrisol® Mirroir brochure (PDF, 1 Mb)


January 2013 Barrisol greeting card

Voir la carte de voeux 2012
All the Barrisol team wishes you a very happy New Year 2013 !

Click here to discover the Barrisol greeting card.

January 2013 New Reflets Laqués®, Effets Matière®, and Creadesign®

This winter, Barrisol® presents three new references: Vert Aralia®, Bambou Blanc® (white bamboo) and Orient®.

Desire of a “natural colour” stretch ceiling? Barrisol® extend the Reflets Laqués® range with the new reference Vert Aralia®,  that add a new green to the greens already available.

With the new Bambou Blanc®, add a new texture to your stretch ceiling!
Sober and refined, this new finish brings softness and natural to your decoration.

Desire to travel ? The flocked black arabesques of this new Creadesign®, inspired by middle-east ornaments, bring an exceptional touch to all interiors! The Creadesign Orient® will dress all ceilings with elegance.

ref Orient BCO
Creadesign® Orient®

ref BEM 15
Effet Matière® Bambou Blanc®

ref 02069
Reflet Laqué® Vert Aralia®

January 2013 2013 Barrisol Calendar

download the new calendar
This new edition invites you to discover innovative and surprising realizations every month.

Download it here (PDF - 3 Mb)

December 2012 Barrisol® is Mariko Mori’s partner for her “Rebirth” exhibition in London.

Beginning on 13 December 2012, the Royal Academy of Arts in London welcomes the first major exhibition of Mariko Mori’s since 1998. Called "Rebirth", this exhibition is a compilation of the most famous Japanese artist projects over the last eleven years also celebrates universal themes of life such as death and rebirth.
As part of a unique partnership, Barrisol® has provided the artist Blanc Wight® sheets to carry out her work called "White Hole". The Barrisol® sheet is the ideal material for this daring project which is brilliantly designed sculptural project inspired by the patterns of light emitted by a rebirth star... We can visit her in the British capital until 17th February 2013!

See the “White Hole” project presented by Mariko Mori
See the official website

December 2012 "Au secours, ma maison s'écroule" (Help, my house is falling down!)

French TV channel - M6 - began airing its new primetime show called: "Au secours, ma maison s'écroule" (Help, my house is falling down!) on 11th December 2012. It’s a new series in which housing expert offers help and advice to families struggling with homes that need urgent repair. Filmed in the Nord Pas de Calais, Barrisol® took the opportunity to show the benefits of its Xtrem Blanc Mat® sheet, used in the renovation f the veranda anda Satin Blanc Wight® finished Print Your Mind® (printed sheet "clouds") for the decoration of the children's playroom.

Have a look at the results!

December 2012 Coming on iPhone and iPad: Barrisol® color simulator!

Barrisol® offers a new exclusive ‘ app’ for iPhone and iPad: The application, a simulator of colors and textures  allows you to preview your Barrisol® stretched ceiling project on a picture of your choice. This totally new app is a colour vision tool which simulates colours and finishes to create the perfect ambience.

Application available for authorized Barrisol® distributors.
To fight against piracy, the functions of this application are only accessible by identification*.

November 2012 The ceiling that will reflect well on you

The new Barrisol® Mirror range is available in two finishes « Gold » and « Silver ». These new sheets are specifically designed to be fixed on selfstanding frames. They can be made in many shapes : circles, triangle, squares, rectangles… Fire rated and A+ labelled, these sheets give an exceptional look to newly decorated spaces.

See the Barrisol Mirrors® ceilings