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    Born from BARRISOL technology, FRAMES AND TUBES 3D SHAPE® allow to realize all architectural shapes. Thanks to its flexibility, FRAMES AND TUBES 3D SHAPE® by BARRISOL® reconstitute edges and reproduce all arch shapes. BARRISOL® sheet is therefore structured and can be adapted to all types of architectures/designs (rings, vaults, warhead shapes…) and 3D shapes (waves…).

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    In our aim to constantly improve and innovate, Barrisol® would like to present the following novelties:


  • Barrisol Dallerenov ®

    This innovative system allows ceilings to be renovated whilst giving existing ceiling tiles a new lease of life. Designed to adapt to the existing tile, the Barrisol® sheet is fixed to a peripheral rail placed around the tiles to be renovated. Dallerenov® is available in several colours and finishes, giving around 250 possible finishes, allowing you to renovate the ceiling and renew the decor.

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  • Mirror® by Barrisol®

    The new Barrisol Mirror® range revisits the mirror. It offers five finishes: Gold, Silver, Cuivre moiré, Etain moiré and Black. Thanks to its reflecting potential, Barrisol Mirror® combines the reflective powers of a mirror and the characteristics of a stretch ceiling. Unquestionably modern, the mirror finish can be printed or back lit using customized perforations for an exceptional look..

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Biennal Interieur 2014

Barrisol is proud to present our collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, who is a world-acclaimed designer of intelligent organic forms. With more than 45 years’ experience in the industry, the Barrisol team shows exceptional workmanship in its products, which form these unique organic shapes....

International Union of Architects in Durban

From August 3 until August 7 2014, the 25th congress of the International Union of Architects was held in Durban, South Africa. BARRISOL ® is proud to be the partner of this event and to support famous international professionals...

BARRISOL® wears Dior in Versailles

The Palace of Versailles, the jewel of French heritage, has the roofs of the Pavillon Dufour restored until in March 2015. In order to conceal the operation until its completion and give the Palace its splendor back, a canvas is covering it since 31 July 2014…

Barrisol®, the highest ceiling in the world

With the confidence of Jean-Marc Scherrer, NORMALU S.A.S's Chairman, who was willing to take up this challenge, the world's number one in stretch ceilings culminates at an altitude of 5,895m!

2014 Olympic Games in Sotchi

Millions of television viewers watching the opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games held in Sotchi on 7th February were able to admire the Barrisol® decoration. This decor was created using the Barrisol® Layers-technology.

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